Friday, 25 September 2020

Photo Montage

Hi readers for today's blog post I'm going to share what we did in arts which is Photo Montage. This is a combination of photos and you need to put them together and arrange on your own design. Here is my example of my work.

My subject is about the nature which includes flowers and different image of clouds the hidden plane I choose this because I would like to travel around the world.

The form that I used is different colours of the flowers the sky and even the hidden figures like the plane and lights.

I used composition and focal points in the image and leading lines I have a focal points which is the man at the centre of the design.

I'm happy in creating of this design because it shows the different image of the nature that we need to take care of. 


Hope you like my work.

Thursday, 17 September 2020

Business and Enterprise

Hi readers for today's blog post I'm going to share what were doing in Business and Enterprise. So were doing the popping balloon and my group is Faye, Qyn, Kristille. This Chief Executive Officer is Qyn and the Marketing manager is Kristille and Production Manager is me and Sales/Finance manager is Faye. We already finished the slide for our Business and now were doing the poster and were just painting so the poster look nice. We already do the Business and Enterprise last year and we did the mini bonnet.

Monday, 24 August 2020

Growth Mindset

Hi readers welcome back to my blog for today I want to share what we did in Wananga growth mindset. We are working on this because then we can know our next steps.

Wednesday, 12 August 2020

Kahui Art

Hi readers for today's blog I'm going to share what we did in Wananga and we did the sharing Kahui. And there's a question. 

Why are you a proud students? I'm proud because I can study well and trying my best to focus in my work and I can focus that's why I'm proud in my class.

Thursday, 6 August 2020

200 Word Challenge - Week 3 Forrest Gump Feather Theme

Today in Wanaga we did the 200 word because we already did the 100 word before so were now in 200 word and it’s fun but it’s little bit hard but still it’s fun doing it. And it’s so nice to heard.

It’s sound relaxing because there’s no beat and also it’s making you fall asleep because the sound is to smooth. Also it’s nice in the ears because the instrument is piano that’s why it’s smooth. And the song is little bet slow that’s why is nice to hear. At first I thought their’s someone going to sing but it’s only a piano. But what I like about it is that the song is very smooth and relaxing because you can listen to that even though your sleeping. And also it’s nice to listen to that sound if your walking in the forest because your not gonna feel the tired. It’s nice  for the old people because they can relax with the song. When I heard the song it’s nice but I noticed that it’s only one beat but it is still relaxing so I keep listening to it. The sound is very relaxing,smooth,nice. It is very nice.

Monday, 3 August 2020

Learning Reflection

Whare Tapa Who is about...This is useful to understand...4 walls is about the Taha tinana- Physical Taha Wairua- Spiritual Taha Whanau- social Taha Hinengaro- Mental and Emotional.

I participated-/okay/ I contributed by doing.... Next time I will. I always do hand up if I need help.

My Hauora is....Okay I know that I need to work on...Area of Hauora. I could do this by eating lots of health food so I will get more health. 

Food tasting

                      testing food nutrients.

Aim:Food nutrients are present in different foods.
Hypothesis:What you think is going to happen,why.
I think that bread will be complex
Egg will be complex sugar
Apple simple sugar
Glucose simple sugar
Milk protein
Potato complex sugar
Equipment:Stuff you need.

Method:Step/order of what you're doing.
Result:What happens in your experiments.
Observations:What you see/hear/smell/touch

Testing for simple sugar 

Aim: What nutrients are in diff foods.
Hyp: What do you think is in each food (Bread,milk,apple,potato,egg,glucose)
Method for complex sugar:
Results for comp.
Method for simple sugar:
Results for simple sugar: